In 2022, the year of glass,  ROG International Art Project will be officially landed at the Werkspoorkwartier International Art Centre in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In this art space that integrates exhibition, research, documentation functions, the project is to provide artists with long-term development and exchange opportunities.

In 2022, the city of Utrecht is celebrating its 900 years anniversary. From a power centre of  bishopric to a city of commerce and industry centre, to a modern city of innovation and new economy. The city is undergoing constant self-renewal. The Werkspoorkwartier International Art Centre is located in the historical heritage industrial area, which used to be the Netherland’s train manufacturing base and now turned into creative and new economy park. This location gives ROG immediately the vibe of “Reborn” just like how the glass art discovers the new future.

The purpose of the exhibition Reborn is to explore the rebirth of the ancient material — glass, which has undergone thousands of years of artistic inheritance. With the development of modern technology and interactions with emerging new media,  glass is now endowed with both tradition and artistic innovation possibility.

At the same time, with the deepening of international exchanges, this exhibition will also explore the great potential and dynamic synergy in European-Asian art creation and cultural cooperation, and it also represents the most cutting-edge development direction of glass art.

The presentation will be in 3 phases between April and June 2022. It will continue the previous research of the ROG project. In the previous 2020 ROG symposiums, 16 international guests were invited and the project was divided into four themed discussion areas, focusing on art education, glass art history and art museum collection, glass art creation, the future of glass art. Those topics were actively discussed, identifying a range of challenges and opportunities in artistic creation, development and innovation. In this “Reborn” exhibition, the same research will be further deepened, and will be displayed and discussed in a broader dimension.

In the presentation, we will show the achievements and directions of glass art education around the world and how culture and tradition influence the perception and works from an artist. As a material, glass is both ancient and brand-new. The natural form of light, transparency, refraction, reflection, etc., are all unique characters of glass, which have incomparable advantages over other materials, giving artists a steady stream of inspiration. In this exhibition, we can see the different creativity of artists from all over the world, showing the unique spirit of glass. This is an exhibition without borders and it also tries to explore the diversified development direction of glass art in the future.


Artists: Mieke GROOT, Tomas HILLEBRAND, Xiaoshu LUO, Richard MEITNER, Barbara NANNING, Jens PFEIFER, Tai XIAO, Jia ZHUANG

Curator: Jens PFEIFER

Academic Director: Tai XIAO

Executive Curator: Selena YANG

2 April – 3 June 2022: Exhibition Reborn Part I + II + III

Opening Time: Thurday to Saturday 11:00 – 18:00 (Online reservation is necessary)

Venue: Werkspoorkwartier International Art Centre

Address: Nijverheidsweg 27P, 3534AM Utrecht