Xiaoshu LUO

Study on buddhist imaging space III
glass, casting
20 x 11 x 31.5 cm

Born in 1978

Master’s degree, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University

Bachelor’s degree, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

Solo Exhibitions (Selected)

2012, The Heart Follow Imagery – Xiaoshu LUO Glass art exhibition, Shanghai Museum of glass, Shanghai China

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2022, Reborn, Werkspoor International Art Center, Utrecht, NL

2019, National Tour of Contemporary Boshan Glass Art Works, Prince Gong House Beijing, Shandong Provincial Museum, Jinan, China

2017, Container Of Light – the second Hangzhou contemporary international glass art exhibition, Art Museum of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China

“Creation can be regarded as a kind of mental image. It is the product of the integration of personal subjective feelings and external images. It comes from personal reading and visual experience and the whole perceptual life. In what we hear, see and feel, some situations are familiar and some images are repeated. I try to select and filter these flowing and fresh materials, abandon the details of appearances, highlight those typical characteristics, and seek for a high degree of agreement between subjective feelings and the essence of things, so that the works are free from realism and abstraction, and integrate with intuition and ideas, reflecting the permanence of time and space. I hope that through the grasp of the characteristics of glass materials and the use of casting technology, the works will present abstraction of geometric patterns, space and light visual characteristics.