Sunny WANG

Suchness – Ease

ongoing project since 2017

hot glass writing as calligraphy

Sunny WANG

Born in Taiwan

teacher at National Taiwan University of Arts.

since 2007 Associate Professor in Glass Art at Hong Kong Baptist University

2012 PhD (Visual Arts–Glass) at the University of South Australia

Solo Exhibitions (selected)

2017, The Shape of Time, 1a space, Hong Kong

2017, Flow, Temporary Exhibitions Gallery of Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, Macau

2017, Vetri contemporanei al Castello Sforzesco La collezione Bellini-Pezzoli, Milano, Italy

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2022, Reborn, Werkspoor International Art Center, Utrecht, NL

Wang´s work ´Suchness-Ease´ explores the fluidity of molten glass and its translucent properties, and expresses these through calligraphic forms. This engagement with Chinese calligraphy, framed by Buddhist practice (such as meditation), addresses how stillness and motion can be explored and presented together in a single work, integrating eastern and western understandings of glass as a material that was developed in Mesopotamia and was eventually brought to China over the Silk Road. By suspending the installation in mid-air , a dualism rises within the same spatial framework: As light and shadow casting the calligraphic forms, a fourth dimension is created. The work becomes a cross cultural encounter that brings Chinese calligraphy, one of the foremost traditional aesthetic expressions in China, into a very contemporary and free format