Qing YAO

78 x 19 x 1.2 cm

Qing YAO

Born in 1989

Master Degree in Comprehensive Design, Donghua University

Bachelor Degree in Design, Shanghai Polytechnic University

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2019, Contemporary Boshan Glass Art Works National Exhibition, Prince Kung’s Mansion, Beijing, China

2018, Sculpture for Life – Chinese Young Sculptors Invitational Exhibition, Shandong-Taiwan Convention and Exhibition Center, Weifang, China

In our life, we gain the momentary insight into the life and the world with the emotional experience in order to find something amazing, interesting and memorable, to be exact, the works of art which are made with the emotional gain. For creation of glass work, an emotionally moving work tends to be the creative process in which the artists combine the fine aesthetic taste and the true feelings so as to meet the emotional resonance with others. Thus, I try to inject my feelings into the creation since the emotions and the life understanding that the works convey will never change and bring us visual and spiritual shock all long no matter how the ways and the concepts of art change with the times.