Clouds III
110x50x20 cm


Born in 1978

MA, Glass art, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University

BA, Public art, Academy of Fine Arts, Shanxi University

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2019, Heritage and Innovation, International Arts & Crafts works exhibition, Japan-China Friendship Center Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

2019, Revelations, 4th International Fine Craft & Creation Biennial, The Grand Palace, Paris, France

2019, Another Kind of Light – IADC New Media Art Exhibition, Shenzhen Design Museum, Shenzhen, China

2018, Chinese Contemporary Arts & Crafts Biennale, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

Awards and Grants (Selected)

2015, Shanghai International Ceramic Wood-firing Festival, Bronze Award

2014, The First Chinese Glass Art Biennial, third Prize

Each person’s perception system is unique, my creations come from my personal imagination about the external objective world, and some of it comes from the observation of Chinese culture in the past. Through the works, I hope to capture fragments from the stretch long and unbroken time. Through the continuous recognition of materials to convey the dull present, It’s like an operation. It’s like a calm incision, I hope to touch the most subtle emotion in human nature. By carefully intervening in it, the material becomes the medium and writing of my thinking. With the cooling of glass liquid, time is fixed in the inner space of the work, solidifying the perception and emotion of fragments in the work. This is like a way of recording, like a piece of prose, recording my inner changes.