Bézier Vase (Eclipse )
blown glass, alogrithm
Clear, Black, Black Fogged 17 x 17 x 25 cm


Born in 1974

PHD of Art and Design, Moscow Academy of Arts and Crafts

Post doctorate in Materials Science, BIT

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2022, Reborn, Werkspoor International Art Center, Utrecht, NL

2017, Tiangong Enlightenment – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

2017, Tianyuan Glass Art Festival, Huailai, China

2017, Tiangong Enlightenment – 2017 Contemporary Public Art Theme Exhibition, China Millennium Monument Art Museum, Beijing, China

With the innovation and development of information technology, as the development of glass materials and technology, the application space of glass materials is also huge, but the current development of glass materials application is only a part of it, and only the innovation of glass materials and technology will drive it.  A huge leap in glass art and design.  In the face of prospects and development, it is more of a challenge to us. As an artist, a comprehensive knowledge reserve is especially important, so that glass art and design can develop more possibilities.  “If glass is absent” our rich modern civilization cannot exist. Glass itself is not only an additional resource to human civilization, it also promotes the reform and innovation of other technologies.