Hao WU

The song of Brighton
Painted glass and audio file
35 × 22cm

Hao WU

Born in 1989

PhD (Design), Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts

MA (Art&Design), Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts

Bachelor (Sculpture), Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts

Solo Exhibitions (Selected)

2015, Reasonable Interference, New Hongqiao Central Garden, Shanghai, China

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2020, Encounter2020 Group Exhibition, Noeli Gallery, Shanghai, China

2019, Contemporary Boshan Glass Art Works National Exhibition Collection, Prince Kung‘s Palace Museum, Beijing, China

2016, International Exhibition of Ceramics and Glass MIKS 16, Zadar Museum of Ancient Glass, Zagreb, Croatia

Awards and Grants (Selected)

2020, Excitation Create – The 2nd China (Zibo) Ceramics & Glass Creative Design Competition, Bronze Award

2013, The 4th National College Art Competition, Excellence Award