Wearing Glass
Glass, lamp-working
clothing size 36


Born in 1991

Master’s degree, Fine Art (Materialization in Art and Design), Sandberg Institute, NL

Bachelor’s degree (Jewelry Design, Cum Laude), Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, NL

Solo Exhibitions (Selected)

2017, Chamber of Reflection, SPACE/asbl In Cité Mondi, Liège, BE

2017, Glaswerken, Moira Exposition Space, Utrecht, NL

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2020, Practical Magic – Anne Büscher and Sanne Vaassen, Villa Waldberta, Munich, DE

Each of my works can be seen as an artistic experiment in which I stretch the commonly perceived function and reality of the involved materials and techniques. My work develops from the tension between research, seeking for materials and innovative processes of making. I seek to reveal potential in diverse (physical) phenomena. The methodology, preliminary to- and during the art production, embodies a strong performative quality which I document in artist-books. Since my residency in Japan (2016). I started to explore the subject ceremony/ritual and how different societies pay tribute to the way in which the natural world seems to organize its visual spectrum so perfectly. My work spans across various materials including glass, marble, ceramic, photography, silicon, stone, etc. but also fleeting matter such as air and light – invisible to the naked eye but manifesting visible effects.